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Cala Fuili Orosei
To paraphrase the island’s famous sobriquet “Sardinia, almost a continent”, it is certain that many would not hesitate to define it as a “continent in a continent”. It’s the perfect...
“The excellence of Manca knives is known all over the world, brands such as Ferrari and Ducati have chosen it to create unique sets, collectors and enthusiasts enrich their showcases with these wonders.”
1- Museo del Banditismo Via Pretura, Aggius Tel. 349.4533208 Ingresso 4 euro (3 euro per chi visita anche il Meoc), sconti per bambini www.museodiaggius.it Unico nel suo genere, ripercorre con...
“Inside the laboratory he designs and manufactures strictly handmade leather accessories, with the aim of combining quality, reliability and style.”
Foto shutterstock.com di Agent Wolf  - Isola Piana Area Marina Asinara
Il suo nome non deriva dai famosi asinelli bianchi che la popolano ma bensì dai romani che la nominarono Sĭnŭs e poi Sinuaria, che con i secoli si è trasformata...

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“When you enter the laboratory you are immediately greeted by the unmistakable scent of the branches of various woods personally collected in the Sarrabus area”
“The craftsman must have a great ability to listen, to be able to” connect “with the roots of his land and skilfully scratch the wood.” Franco Maritato

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