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Museums in Cagliari

The Citadel of Museums, located in the heart of the ancient and noble district of Castello, is home to the most important collection of museums in the city: a journey through time and history of the island that will enthuse both young and old. A place to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city.

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The soul of Cagliari, suspended between the ancient and modern. The Archaeological Museum will transport you back to Nuraghic and Phoenician times, with Mediterranean goddesses and bronze statuettes.

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From ancient history, vitiors can progress to view precious Sardinian jewelry found in the Cocco Collection of the Ethnographic Museum and finally visit the Pinacoteca Nazionale, a genuine “open book” regarding the history of Sardinian medieval art, and the Catalan and Sardinian artists of the time. Excellent names, such as the Maestro of Castelsardo or Pietro Cavaro, who created remarkable religious art on canvas and wooden panels (retablos).

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