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Small villages, beaches and fun

Budoni is a small city in Sardinia, lying on a hill close to the sea, a border among two magic regions of the same island, Gallura and Baronia, where the people speak two different dialects: gallurese and logudorese.

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Budoni is a place of beauty and charm, with incredible cliffs and beautiful beaches, a city enriched by florid plants and brackish ponds. Here it is possible to meet small and ancient villages: Taunella is the most populous, with a beautiful historic center.

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According to an ancient legend, Taunella was the lair of a giant, who took possession of the village; his name was “Unella”.

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Budoni offers a wonderful coast, with the elegant and vivacious place of Porto Ottiolu, animated by cafès and trendy nightclubs: the perfect place to make your vacation funny and sparkling.

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