Villa Spiaggia del Riso Villasimius
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Buy your villa in Sardinia

At a stone’s throw from the sea, where there is a substantial presence of villas, you may find excellent opportunities to invest.

All over the southern coast there are many opportunities to buy high-end villas, at rates that are far below those prevalent on the Costa Smeralda, even if they are still located in magnificent surroundings that leave nothing to be desired, and even compared to the most prestigious holiday destinations around the world.

South Sardinia has many indipendent solutions, garden included. Real estate with a value between 500,000 and a million euros, though prices exceed those amounts for premium property. For those who are unable to live in their property year round, the yields of the investment are guaranteed by the great demand for rental accommodation, both during the main holiday season and in the off season.

If you choose to invest in Sardinia and you wish to do so in the area between Chia, Pula, Villasimius, Costa Rei, or Castiadas, you are sure to make a spot-on investment that is around the average of 3,500 euros per M2 at market-value, with expected increases in value of between 4 and 6%, and rental yields between 9 and 11% annually.

Foto shutterstock di Alessio Orru – Cagliari

Cagliari is developing its tourist potential and the opportunities for investments in real estate Demand for holiday apartments is also on the rise in Cagliari, a city that, over the past years, has started to manifest itself emphatically in the field of tourism as demonstrated by the constant rise of visitors’ levels.

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