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Carloforte’s slow rhythm

It seems made on purpose to let go at a calm and slow pace, the island of San Pietro. The island in the island, known as Carloforte, from the name of the only present village, is a patch of land to the south-west of the largest Sardinia.

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The time of the short crossing and the landing, entering the narrow streets in Art Nouveau style and you are captivated by the Tabarkini accent, another name of the inhabitants, precious custodians of a strong identity, that quarrel twice as much as Sardinian with the Ligurian guttural sounds. Embraced by a sea that plunges into the water from vertiginous cliffs or by the sand like flour of the small beaches that surround natural pools, the ideal is to visit it by boat to discover the wildest parts.

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Carloforte is famous especially for tuna, which is fished in the local areas and consumed in all possible variations of Ligurian, Mediterranean and North African gastronomic traditions that merge and mingle with the memories of the tabarkine recipes.

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