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Donna Francesca Sanna Sulis and the MIF

There is a museum in Muravera which perhaps expresses best what the character, ambitious and selfless at the same time, of its inhabitants is like: this is the Mif, Museo dell’Imprenditoria Femminile, the museum for female entrepreneurship.

It is a homage to Donna Francesca Sanna Sulis, businesswoman of the 18th century, remembered as the mulberry woman, because it was through the processing of the mulberry and the silk worm that she obtained the most exquisite fabrics (she was the dresser for many ladies from the court of Savoy, and even Catherine of Russia).

It was a truly far-sighted project of this Muravera woman, considering that she not only transformed her own home (first in Muravera and later in Quartucciu) in a manufacturing workshop, always applying the latest industrial technology, but that she also invested heavily in the training and rewarding of her own employees. After her death, at the venerable age of 94, she left her entire estate to the needy.

This interesting museum in the historical center has also been renewed with the introduction of explanatory boards and multi-media totems through which the private and public history of female entrepreneurship are woven through a story which is brimming with inspiration and emotions: and without a doubt, the museum will continue to renew itself, just as Donna Francesca did.

Fu un progetto davvero lungimirante quello della muraverese, considerato che non solo trasformò la propria abitazione (prima di Muravera e poi di Quartucciu) in laboratorio industriale utilizzando sempre le tecniche più all’avanguardia, ma investì tantissimo sulla formazione e sulla gratificazione delle proprie dipendenti. Alla sua morte, alla veneranda età di 94 anni, lasciò tutto ai bisognosi.

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