Giagu Design

After learning dexterity, technique, shrewdness from parents, (great craftsmen and promoters of the knife of Pattada) Aurelia Giagu personally recognized the value of craftsmanship, a world rich in nuances, scents, sounds, and especially stories to tell.

The passion for manual processing during the production of knives has in fact made it possible to carve out spaces to experiment with new shapes, new ideas and to conceive completely customizable lines of accessories, in which every nuance and detail make its genre absolutely unique.

Jewels linked to tradition thanks to the use of the material, the horn, typical of the traditional Pattada knife, but reinterpreted in a modern key with refinement and creativity.

Ideas that took shape with the creation of the “Giagu Design” line, “matter, shapes and colors”. Material that is skilfully transformed by enhancing colors and shades, into simple and essential shapes that are combined together in the creation of a unique jewel that sometimes wants to be a symbolic message, in a stylized way, on common and everyday themes, or simply to tell a story, a moment, in an attempt to give the same emotion felt in making it.

We invite you to get to know this refined craftsman through his creations.

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