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Hands braiding, embroidering, weaving, and honing. Hands which draw from nature to create authentic works of art: this is what transpires during the manifold manufacturing of exquisitely crafted products within the framework of local tradition.

Take the launeddas, for example, an antique woodwind instrument which is part of Sardinian folk traditions, built by assembling and carving the best sweet-water cane until the perfect vibration and sound is attained. The processing of the silk worm for the production of this costly fabric was the result of a fortunate intuition of Donna Francesca Sanna Sulis who thereby became, in the second half of the 18th century, the first Sardinian businesswoman (her story is an important theme of the Mif, the museum dedicated to female entrepreneurs).

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Even today, especially as you stroll along the streets of the historical center, it is not uncommon to hear the click-clack of the old weaving looms as they combine thread, pattern, and color to compose rugs and tapestry. The inland ponds, on the other hand, donate the reed with which the women create, by weaving it in endless and lasting patterns, baskets to serve bread on. All hand-made, of course.

Foto www.visitmuravera-costarei.it
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