Ingurtosu - Ph Enrico Spanu
Ingurtosu - Ph Enrico Spanu


Municipality: Arbus (VS)


From Arbus, take the SS 126 in the direction of Fluminimaggiore. After about 8 km, turn right onto the SP 66 to Ingurtosu, where you will arrive after about 4.5 km.


Ingurtosu has been one of the most important mining centre in Sardinia, and dates back to the 1800s. Along with many others, among which Montevecchio, Masua, and Porto Flavia, it forms the Geomineral, Historical and Environmental park of Sardinia (Parco Geominerario, Storico e Ambientale della Sardegna), declared by UNESCO in 1997 part of the World’s Cultural Heritage. The village of Ingurtosu is located at one end of the long Is Animas valley which extends towards the sea reaching the dunes of Piscinas. The old town, inhabited nowadays just by very few families, was the administrative centre of the mining areas of Ingurtosu and Gennamari. There were, among other things, the houses of the workers and clerks as well as a hospital, a church and the building of the general administrative office, called the The Castle, located in a dominating position. Going along the road that stretches from Ingurtosu to Piscinas, one can admire the main mining plants, the Lambert, Turbina and Gal shafts, the laveria (used for cleaning the minerals) Pireddu and Brassey, and the village of Naracauli.

GPS coordinates

39.521152° 8.510534°


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