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Magic places fo the day of the fateful “Yes, I do”

Wedding tourism demonstrates a significant growth in Sardinia: Costa Rei, Castiadas, Villaputzu,
Pula, Villasimius and Masua offer the natural locations and related services to celebrate a wedding on a beach.

There must be a reason that more and more couples from Italy and abroad choose our island as the location to get married or to renew their vows later on. It most probably is a combination of reasons, that perfect mix of quiet beaches, luxuriant flora, antique local dwellings and fancy resorts which not only allow you to happily pass the time on D-day but also to enjoy a perfect honeymoon after. There is something for all tastes, including at the facilities mentioned in our magazine.

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The wedding-planners on Sardinia as well have become more numerous and professionally apt, and they constantly catch up on the most popular trends for Sardinian and other weddings. The transparency of the water and the reflections of mother of pearl along the coastline are most frequently chosen as a backdrop, especially on the golden beaches of the Costa Rei and Castiadas (also thanks to the presence of well-equipped beach establishments), of Villaputzu, Pula and Masua at times in bathing suit, or simply in full dress costume, but always with bare feet on the soft sand.

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Some people prefer the setting of the sea beds with schools of groupers and soft coral waving through the water like in Villasimius, and others to celebrate on board, surrounded by the water where, if luck is on your side, dolphins and sea turtles may come by to say hello. And then there are the exclusive lighthouses, high above the sea, or the rural and petite churches, enveloped in the forest, where one can get married in traditional attire, accompanied by the songs of the launeddas, the traditional wedding menu de sa coja, and the folkloristic dances on the verandas, as you smell the perfumes of the Mediterranean flora.

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