Cala Coticcio in Caprera island Sardinia
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North-Eastern Sardinia

There are places in this world where Mother Nature decided to reveal her full beauty by designing each corner with such perfection as to make these places ideal. North-eastern Sardinia is one of these places. It is no accident that it is often celebrated on television commercials and in films.

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It is also very popular among VIPs in search of sophistication and relaxation.

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The luxurious ports and trendy discotheques of the international jet set are just around the corner from enchanting emerald coloured beaches and dark green granite mountain tops – ideal shelters for the mind and spirit.

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On the one hand, the glamorous Sardinia that has let the whole world in and on the other hand its true soul revealed in villages suspended in time guarding the proud natives of the island.

Foto shutterstock.com di Zangrilli Andrea

Tourists and guests, come and savour the North-eastern part of the island in all of its expressions: the beach, mountains, yachts, the narrow lanes of its ancient villages, at chic cafés or at a local trattoria. You will understand that the beauty revealed by Mother Nature is simply a sensual journey where even the greatest contrasts harmonize perfectly.

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