Rena Majori - Ph Enrico Spanu
Rena Majori - Ph Enrico Spanu

Rena Majori

Municipality: Aglientu - Santa Teresa di Gallura (OT)


If you are leaving from Aglientu take the SP 5 north towards Santa Teresa di Gallura and Vignola Mare. After travelling c.10 km you will arrive to the intersection with the SP 90, then turn right for Santa Teresa di Gallura. After more or less 12 km, near Rena Majori, turn left on a road, part asphalted and part unpaved, which arrives to the beach after more or less 400 metres. If you are leaving from Santa Teresa di Gallura take the SP 90 for Castelsardo. After travelling c.7 km there’s a turn-off on the right for the beach.


This beach is characterized by very white fine sand. The sea is transparent and azure, the water is high and the sea-bottom is sandy. The beach is crossed by Rio Cantaru and Rio Ciuchesa. Rena Majori presents a unique beautiful landscape. The granitic cliffs that intersect the beach leave place to a very white dunal system covered with Mediterranean maquis and coloured floral species. Behind the beach there’s a blooming artificial pine forest where you can cool-off in the hottest hours of the day.

Kiosk, restaurants, hotels, camping areas, aquatic sports equipment rental, car park.

GPS coordinates

41.175727° 9.172157°


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