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Roberto Ziranu, when iron becomes art

A cold material of little value and seemingly lacking expression, like iron is, becomes in his wise hands pure art.

Thanks to his interaction with the hammer and the fire, he forges unique pieces, which are able to furnish interiors with timeless style and with elegance and perfection that originate from exceptional manual skills and an unusual technique.
Roberto Ziranu, a blacksmith for five generations, far from remaining that predestined artisan, thanks to his curiosity and the desire to experiment, has become a well-known and appreciated sculptor of the iron.
Roberto was born in Orani, where he has lived and has inherited this passion from his father Silverio. Since some time, he has moved his workshop to Nuoro.

After years of research and experimentation, he has succeeded in presenting the iron beneath another guise. Past and future meet in the ductility of this gray material, of which Roberto has freed the colors by giving them “Light and reflections”.

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In his travelling exhibitions, collective and personal, he displays his works that hit due to the inventive and interpretative ability and for the chromatic variations from gold to blue, impressed with the only use of the flame that recall the sun, the wind and the sea in a play of temperatures that transform his iron into an authentic visual emotion.

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