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One of the explanations for the longevity of life of Sardinians doubtlessly is their diet. Even today, the parameters for the table remain basically the same as those traditionally applied, in accordance with the seasonal cycle and a simple lifestyle, in harmony with nature.

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The ingredients for a long and healthy life, as they have been identified by scientists from all over the world who have visited Sardinia to unveil the secrets, are generally those of the Mediterranean diet, singling out certain aspects: goat and ewe’s milk and cheeses which are rich in calcium and phosphorus; pane carasau, the flat bread which is rich in protein and low in gluten; barley; naturally leavened bread, without yeast but with natural lactobacillus which helps to prevent obesity and diabetes; the variations of fennel, used as vegetable, medicinal herb, and spice; broad beans and chick peas which are rich in fibers, indispensable in the centenarian’s diet; tomatoes which are extremely rich in antioxidants; almonds, which are the main ingredient of 90% of Sardinian pastry.

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Essential on the list of elixirs of life is the local red wine Cannonau, partly because of the high concentration of antioxidants, and partly because of the conviviality associated with it.

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